Technology: Integrative approach

BostonGene’s cloud-based software platform, with its bioinformatics capabilities, analytical tools, and advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS), supports doctors in identifying the most effective strategy for personalized treatment options for their patients.
BostonGene’s state-of-the-art molecular testing laboratory performs next-generation sequencing technologies, including whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing, multiplex immunofluorescence imaging, flow cytometry and proteomics. Comprehensive reports on the unique molecular portraits of tumors are generated using sophisticated analytics and bioinformatics.

Samples are processed at the BostonGene laboratory, which is CLIA and CAP-accredited and holds a permit from New York State in Oncology: Molecular and Cellular Tumor Markers:

Certification Numbers
CLIA: 22D2182613CAP: 8832984NY: 9637
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The BostonGene platform integrates data obtained by genomics, transcriptomics and microenvironment analysis to enable personalized decision-making and the delivery of optimized therapeutics.
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BostonGene personalizes AI for medical experts, creating a vast and continually updated database of biomarkers, therapies, clinical trials and therapeutic guidelines.
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