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BostonGene's Integrated Genomic Registry Study, also known is BIGR, is designed to improve the personalization of cancer care. Participating in this study will allow BostonGene to continue to advance comprehensive genomic profiling, while creating a registry of patients who have had this testing done.
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Bring your voice to cancer research

Studies that collect and organize patient’s medical information in a comprehensive database can help researchers create a groundbreaking tools that will guide the development and improvement of therapy for current and future cancer patients.
Help cancer patients
By participating in a registry study, your clinical and genetic information can assist researchers discover better ways to treat and diagnose cancer, ultimately helping guide the development and improvement of therapy for future cancer patients.
Help doctors
Findings from this study will allow doctors to create effective and individualized treatment plans for each patient.
Help in scientific research
This program assists researchers in their efforts to discover and develop new drugs by analyzing insights derived from the study.

Why BIGR was started

The purpose of the BIGR Study is to analyze the clinical and genetic information of patients over a long period of time to identify trends or patterns related to the underlying causes, diagnosis, and treatment responses to different cancers. With this information, BostonGene hopes to further improve comprehensive genomic profiling.

How your privacy will be protected

At BostonGene, we are committed to putting our patients first. This involves making sure all patient information is secured and never shared. All the information that you provide will be stored in a secure database. Taking part in research is always voluntary and you can withdraw at any point.

No cost for participation

Participation in this study is free of charge, with the primary objective being to evaluate the effectiveness of BostonGene testing. No study visits, medication usage, device use, or surgeries are required as part of this research. You can continue your regular treatment plan without interruption.

How much participation is involved

After signing the informed consent form for this study, no further participation is required. Medical records will be collected from your clinical center. You may withdraw at any point as your participation in this study is voluntary.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the BIGR.
Why did BostonGene create the BIGR Study?
  • To equip doctors with comprehensive information to select the best therapy for each patient by linking the outcomes of patients treated for cancer with genetic information from the tumor.
  • To accelerate the discovery of personalized treatment options for cancer patients.
  • To serve as a resource for researchers who are currently working across the globe on discovering a cure for all cancers.
Who is eligible to participate in BIGR?
How do you participate in the BIGR Study?
Who sponsors BIGR?
Privacy and confidentiality


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