BostonGene financial assistance

BostonGene is committed to working with your financial situation and finding a way to make our tests affordable. We have designed a Financial Assistance program that could offer a better understanding of what your maximum out-of-pocket cost would be and allow you some financial flexibility. We encourage you to apply for financial assistance before the test administration, but if you don’t, the program is available to you at any point in the journey. The program covers longitudinal testing for up to 18 months.

Reimbursement and insurance plans

Navigating healthcare costs can be challenging, but at BostonGene, we strive to make this process as seamless as possible for our patients. Below are the available options to cover the cost of our testing services.

Insurance coverage

BostonGene Tumor Portrait™ test is in network with Medicare. BostonGene works with all US-based insurance providers on the patient’s behalf. We will work with your insurance to get the best coverage for you.

Billing process

We will bill your insurance first and the qualified assistance will be applied to any balance deemed as the patient’s responsibility after insurance processes our claim. Please note that once a claim is submitted to your insurance, you might receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). THIS IS NOT A BILL. For questions and concerns about billing, contact us at +1 781-552-3131, option 2.

BostonGene Financial Assistance program and eligibility

All US-residents patients are eligible to apply for the BostonGene Financial Assistance program.

Applications are processed within 1-2 business days and the results will be communicated by the preferred method indicated on the application.

Application process

Patients can apply for financial assistance
at any point in the journey.
Once approved, all tests ordered within an 18-month
period from the approval date will be covered.
Additional information
Contact our
team for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about BostonGene's Financial Assistance program.
When can I apply for BostonGene's Financial Assistance program?
Patients can apply at any time, whether before, during, or after testing has been completed. However, we recommend completing the Financial Assistance application at your earliest convenience.
Are BostonGene tests covered by insurance?
Does BostonGene offer financial assistance?
When will I hear if I am eligible for BostonGene's Financial Assistance program?
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